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Re: Version 5.1 backward compatibility with 5.0 (polygon for outline)


On 12/10/2018 8:57 AM, Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
> ma 10. jouluk. 2018 klo 15.10 Wayne Stambaugh (stambaughw@xxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:stambaughw@xxxxxxxxx>) kirjoitti:
>     We should back this change out until v6.  We have an unwritten policy
>     (although maybe I should write it down) about not changing file formats
>     during a stable release series.  Boards designed with 5.1.x should
>     produce the same output as boards designed with 5.0.x.
> Strictly speaking this wasn't a file format change, and maybe that's why
> it went unnoticed. For compatibility also *interpretation* of the file
> format should stay exactly the same. The same situation could have
> happened with edge clearance. I tested it with 5.0 and HEAD and both
> seem to give the same result now, i.e. the width of the Edge.Cuts line
> affects the clearance. If I'm wrong it should be changed in development
> Eeli Kaikkonen

Board output is not just the file format.  Changing the output results
(gerbers) of an unchanged board file is really dangerous in production
environments.  How are users expected to detect a subtle change like
this?  There is no way they would even be aware of the change unless
they ran a diff on their gerber files.  I am always going to error on
the side of caution with theses kinds of changes.