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Re: 5.1 stable release


Hello Wayne,

Am 10.12.18 um 14:04 schrieb Wayne Stambaugh:
> Hey John,
> I can help with the test against gtk3.  I am currently using gtk3 on my
> home system although I have not yet tried to build with gtk3 and
> phoenix.  I'm not sure Debian supports this yet because I believe
> wxwidgets used to build phoenix is 3.1.1 or later where wxwidgets is
> 3.0.4 which would cause run time issues although I could be wrong about
> this.

Debian hasn't a more recent wxWidgets version other than 3.0.4 (source
package wxwidgets3.0 [1]). wxWidgets 3.2.0 would be the next stable
release, but no release date is planed nor announced. Today version
3.1.2 was released [2]. It's "just" a development release.

So any GTK3+ thingy need to be done on the current stable version of
3.0.4 in Debian.

Phoenix (aka wxpython4.0 [3]) is available in Unstable and Testing for
some months in Debian. The package python3-wxgtk4.0 is currently build
depending on libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-0v5 from src:wxWidgets3.0 version 3.0.4.
So no depending on some wxwidgets devel version.

[1] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/wxwidgets3.0
[2] https://github.com/wxWidgets/wxWidgets/releases/tag/v3.1.2
[3] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/wxpython4.0

Carsten Schoenert

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