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Re: kicad-dev-nightly PPA builds for artful outdated?


Hi Jean-Samuel,

> Launchpad doesn't support anymore build for artful. So it will no more
> available.
Ah, that explains. A quick google for this didn't turn up any info, but
I should probably have dug a bit deeper.

> Have you try Xenial PPA ? (not sure if it's working...)
Hm, I recall I moved to artful because xenial and zesty didn't work out
in terms of dependencies, but I tried again just now and things seem to
work (both the kicad-5 and kicad-dev-nightly versions). It did miss the
libglew1.13 package (neither Debian stable or oldstable have this
particular version), but I could just install that manually from xenial.
Maybe that missing dependency threw me off before, but it's easy enough
to fix :-)

If only PPA's would just support building against Debian/stable, that
would make a lot of stuff easier. Or perhaps I should just move to
Ubuntu instead...

Thanks for your thoughts!



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