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Re: Debugging Kicad, can this be done with Qt creator?


No need to share project files, its as easy as:

git clone kicad
mkdir kicad\qtcreator

Now create the build path/files with CMake as you normally do.

QtCreator -> NewProject -> Import project -> Import Existing Project

ProjectName: KiCad
Location: kicad/qtcreator

select kicad/qtcreator for now...

Remove GIT if you do not want use it

Go to project KiCad, right click, Add Existing Directory
SourceDirectory: choose kicad main folder
press StartParsing
Checkbox the kicad folder in the list
press OK

( Wait.... )

Go to Projects and use (or create) a Build settings that point to the Build directory that you previously created with the cmake.

Other possible and more easy way with QT Creator is to just open the CMakefile as a project
QtCreator -> Open project -> CMakeLists.txt
then you must deal with cmake process, and thats it ...


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Subject: Re: [Kicad-developers] Debugging Kicad, can this be done with Qt creator?

I wish there was a setup environment already that I could just download and run...
I used to code with Qt but now setting up projects, much less with Makefiles is like learning bash all over again.

On Wed, Dec 19, 2018 at 12:55 AM Mário Luzeiro <mrluzeiro@xxxxx<mailto:mrluzeiro@xxxxx>> wrote:
I used Qt Creator to develop for KiCad.
You just need to create a project that builds with a Makefile (not a QT project but a Makefile project), you can have multiple build targets ( Release, Debug ) then you can debug the Debug exec. You can set the target executable and exec path to debug (eg: kicad, pcbnew, etc)

Tip: remember to add -jx (where x is your CPU number) to the makefile extra arguments.


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Subject: [Kicad-developers] Debugging Kicad,    can this be done with Qt creator?

Hi All,

I would like to set breakpoints in the Kicad source, and then run a graphical debugger. I know how to set this up with Qt projects in Qt creator. What's your method? Is qt a workable solution, or should I use ecipse? I'm on Windows 7, with msys2


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