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Re: My first contribution - Color schemes in Eeschema


Hi Jon,   Thanks for your response.    First of all, I wanted to mention that I'm not a professional programmer. I have some experience with embedded and a little less with c++ and wxWidgets.  I missed the option of quickly changing colors in eeschema, so I decided to try to do it myself. My goal was to create a simple option for me, but it grew a little bit and I decided to share it with others.    Starting the project, I decided that all color schemes will be in one wxConfigFile. I thought about the possibility to import/export schemes to the file specified by the user. Of course, storage in a folder in separate files is also a good option.  There is no option to restore the default colors, but it should be. I thought that the first schema on the selection list would be the default and could not be modified or deleted.   ChangeColorShemaInTempFile - Of course, there is a spelling mistake.   I'll try to prepare patch.  Dnia 10 stycznia 2019 16:31 Jon Evans <jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> napisał(a):  Hi Michal,   First of all, I unfortunately have not yet actually tried out your branch so I can't comment on the performance/functionality of your code.   There was already a launchpad issue tracking this feature request here:  bugs.launchpad.net bugs.launchpad.net  I had been working on it a long time ago, but switched to some other features and haven't gotten back to it.   I would be fine with handing over responsibility for this feature to you if you'd like, but I think that your proposed change as-is doesn't go far enough.  We should be developing a color theme system that works across all the applications, not just eeschema (in my opinion).   Apart from that, from a quick review of your code I have some questions:   - Why store all color schemes in a single file instead of one file per scheme? The latter is what I had planned, and seems easier to share between users.  - Is there a way to revert to the default (hard-coded) colors?  I didn't see one, but again I haven't run the code  - "ChangeColorShemaInTempFile" -> I think "Shema" should be "Scheme" right?   Finally, for acceptance you would need to provide your changes as patch files (using `git format-patch`) rather than a github branch.   Best,  Jon   On Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 10:15 AM Michal <   woocom@xxxxx > wrote:  Eeschema: Adding a color scheme selection option   NEW: Adds support in eeschema to change colors, choosing from the list of color schemes.  The user can create his own list of color schemes. The color schemes are saved in the configuration file "eeschema.colors".   Link to my branch:  github.com github.com   Regards  Michal   ______________________________   Mailing list:  launchpad.net launchpad.net   Post to     :    kicad-developers@lists.launchp   Unsubscribe :  launchpad.net launchpad.net   More help   :  help.launchpad.net help.launchpad.net