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Re: [PATCH 1/7] Clear comp highlighting before highlight new one.


Am 2019-01-17 04:51, schrieb Константин Барановский:
Hi Seth. Thank you for your attention.

1) I admit I made a bad choice and now I'm working on new patch with
which either Esc closes a cell editor if it's active or Esc closes
dialog if a cell editor doesn't active.

2) This patch is fixed and sent to accoring thread ([PATCH 7/7] Grid
tricks: paste to selection.).

4) I cannot reproduce it but it may be caused by 2).

3, 5) These problems present in master. Proposed patches don't have a
putpose to fix *all* problems. There is still work to do.

Hi Konstantin-

Thanks. This works as expected. Sorry about the mis-attribution of 3/5. I couldn't hit them as easily in master because the selection routine was difficult. Since your patches fixed the selection behaviour, the crash was easier :)
 They should be fixed now in master.

I have no issues with this revised patch set on GTK3.


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