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Re: wrong formated string in kicad/common/dialog/dialog_global_lib_table_config.cpp


Hi again,

one more thing that happen now around these l10n changes I can see is
the missing translation for the substituted strings in the modified
splash dialog window if KiCad is starting with an non existing file
'sym-lib-table' in the local configuration folder of KiCad.

I can see the intention behind these changes, to make the dialog more
consistent for the symbol and footprint library table, but this needs a
bit rework.

I append a screenshot from the GUI dialog windows about to setup the
symbol and footprint library table. The word 'symbol' would needed to be
displayed as the translated German string 'Bauteil'. The current state
is a bit unfortunate.

Or in short, there is some ability needed to make the substituted string
in theses dialogs also make translatable.


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