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Re: [PATCH] Array tools fixes (inc 5.1.0)


Am 2019-01-30 16:03, schrieb John Beard:
Hi Wayne,

The radius is currently calculated as the distance from the centre
(which is in absolute terms) and the centre of the selection. Would be
better to be the selected item position (selection centre can be
slightly off from the item centre), but not sure what to do for a
multiple selection. Perhaps the bounding box if the item positions,
rather than the items themselves?

I'd like to expand the feature a bit:
* Allow to position the centre relative to the items, local
coordinates, global position (as now) or grid origin.
* Position as a group rather than individually (thereby maintaining
relative positions within the group)

However, bearing in mind the pending release, it's bit less of a
refactor and more of a feature (and would include several strings). So
I didn't plan to propose this for 5.1.

The main focus of this patch set is bug fixes, with testable
underpinning refactoring.



On 30 January 2019 19:18:20 GMT, Wayne Stambaugh
<stambaughw@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Everything seems to work on windows as well except I am confused as to
why I cannot edit the radius when creating circular arrays. Other than
that, I'm fine with merging the patch set for 5.1. It certainly cleans
up the code base, fixes know issues, and includes some nice unit



I've pushed the patch set. Thanks John! And you are right, the array tool is due for a substantial overhaul during v6. Before you spend too much time on updating it, let's see how this fits into the room definition (lp:1521062)