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Re: [PATCH] Build fixes: bitmaps and polygon



On 31.01.19 18:11, Simon Richter wrote:

>> I would prefer that we create a base units object and then derived
>> application level units objects as needed.  These objects would be
>> small, compile quickly, and could be included in the common library so
>> they are available everywhere.  Using 1nm units for schematics doesn't
>> make a lot of sense to me even if/when we do convert to 64 bit integers.

> Hm, we could get most of that by making the unit conversion functions in
> BASE_SCREEN abstract, which would already dynamically dispatch most of
> the unit conversions.

Okay, I've tried that, and the situation is not as good as I've expected
— we have way too much code that doesn't have a SCREEN context and thus
needs to pull the conversion factor out of the macro definition.

I think it would be more work to pass the a screen reference (or a unit
conversion object, so we can work without a screen) to all of these
places than it would be to define a common conversion factor for everyone.


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