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I'm going to tag 5.1.0-rc1 this evening after I get home from work.
There are still two low priority bugs against the 5.1.0-rc1 milestone
left which I'm going to let slide and try to get them fixed by the
stable release.  Hopefully we wont need an -rc2.

Unfortunately, this will break all of the linux distro package manager
version handling because of our previous policy of tagging ahead for the
next version.  I apologize up front for the issues this is going to
cause.  This decision falls squarely on my shoulders.

The clock is ticking for the library, doc, and translation devs.  I
would really like to get 5.1.0 released by the end of February.  This
means the libraries, documentation, and translations would have to be
tagged for 5.1.0 around 2/23 to give our package devs some time to get
the packages built and uploaded to the website.  Please let me know if
you cannot meet this date.

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