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Re: [patch] GAL pixel alignment


On 11/02/2019 02:12, Jeff Young wrote:
> This hugely improves Fallback on Mac.  Still doesn’t look as good as OpenGL (or Legacy), but it’s at least usable.

Hi Jeff,

I don't see any difference between the look of Fallback mode on your
screenshots vs my machine. Are you referring to the text rendering? If
so, it's our stroke font to blame (JP explained it), at low
scales/resolutions you need font hinting...

> OpenGL 2x Oversampling appears the same, but OpenGL with no antialiasing has caught up a lot.  It’s now almost as good as 2X OS — in fact it would be usable if you wanted to switch to it for a really large design to get speed back up.
> Do the fixes address the original report's different-line-thichness issues?  (I think Fallback on Mac used to have similar issues, but it was so bad I never used it.)  If so I’d encourage us to at least consider 5.1.  I hate it when parts of the program backslide in subsequent releases.
Yes. I'm also working on the circle alignment fix and the issues
reported by Seth.


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