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Re: 5.1.0-rc2


Am 17.02.19 um 22:27 schrieb Константин Барановский:
> Hi.
> When the strings had been frozen?

Basically with the announcement of 5.1.0-rc1. And later with an
dedicated email from Wayne about asking to start with the string freeze
on 5th of January. Wayne has written he will push the freeze to the
release of 5.1.0-rc1.


> I'm one of Russian translators and never could determine the moment of a
> string freeze. I just update the translation in couple of days after a
> sources release.

So far I remember we had always a string freeze stating with the RC1. So
no big deal now.

> I think it would be great to create an issue on github (i18n repo), then
> all translators will be notified of necessery to update the translation.

No. This is maybe useful for the core of the *KiCad* *i18n* team. I'm
probably the only translator for kicad-i18n in German and never get an
info about new opened issues on kicad-i18n and don't want that.

There is a mailing list for translations of the documentation (but
assume the UI is also counting in) and in the past Marco and Nick have
written here an announcement about required action about string
translations. Here you will get more people reached I believe.

>     Would our translators please reply if this is going to be an issue
>     or should we revert the changes? 
> Yes, it is. Those strings will be maked as "fuzzy" and must be fixed,
> otherwise they will be left untranslated.

For me it wasn't and so far I see this also wasn't a problem for the
other main languages that are well maintained. Chinese, France, Italian
and German but also Russian are in a very good shape. And most of the
people behind these translation will do ongoing improvements right until
the final tagging will happen. For coordination of these sometimes the
mentioned mailing list is used so the tagging of kicad-i18n can be
scheduled. It wasn't a big problem in the past I'd say.

Like Marco has written too, no problem for me about the small additional
happen modifications to the KiCad strings. Keep on working and push RC2
out of the door. :)

Carsten Schoenert

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