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Re: V6 merge update


 On 23/02/2019 10:48 AM, Simon Richter wrote:
Hi Seth,
On 22.02.19 18:11, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
It should be easier for new features as they don't need the wrap the
parsing in versioning checks; especially for semantic changes.  It may
be more effort when changing underlying structures that are shared
between parsers.
Would it make sense to have a separate "update" process, so the parser
in the loader will never have to deal with legacy files?
When the user opens a file with a lower version number, we branch into
an update wizard that handles updating the file, rewrites it as the new
version and then restarts the load process.
This way we could also keep the schematic element rescue outside of the
loader code.
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 Many of the professional CAD packages do this and it makes 
collaboration with people that need to run an older version more 
Hi Simon 
I'm opposed to any program that modifies a file when I open it. In my opinion the file should only change when I press the "save" button.
Also, there could be valid reasons why somebody has to run an older version of the software, or keep their files on the older version of the file format. Maybe they use a custom parser to interface with for instance a laser engraving machine, that cannot handle the newer file format. 

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