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Re: 5.1.0-rc2 tag


Le 26/02/2019 à 08:04, Marco Ciampa a écrit :
> On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 02:02:57PM -0500, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
>> It looks like we are ready to tag 5.1.0-rc2.  I plan on tagging it this
>> evening after I get home from work at ~6PM EST.  If you have any other
>> bug fixes to merge for rc2, now would be a good time.  If nothing
>> critical shows up by the weekend, I will tag 5.1.0 on Saturday and
>> create the 5.1 branch.  Hopefully it wont take more than a week after
>> that to get the libraries, documentation, and translations tagged and
>> most the package builds completed and uploaded.  If there are any issues
>> with this schedule, please let me know so I can plan for the release
>> announcement.
> Is there somewhere a preliminary 5.1 Changelog? And where?
> Please apply the attached AUTHORS patch...
> Marco Ciampa

Committed. Thanks.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS