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Idea: Merging libraries along the search path



since the topic of library management came up: Would it make sense to
collect library contents along the library search path?

The search path would always be

 - project libraries (stored in the project folder)
 - user libraries (stored in the user home)
 - organization libraries
 - distributor libraries
 - upstream libraries

The last three are pretty much optional, and would be just tags on the
existing search path configuration.


 - The contents of each library is determined by scanning the full path
and merging the entries in all the libraries with the same name.

 - All parts used in a project are copied to the project.

 - The editor saves to user or organization paths, and doesn't ask if no
organization exists.

 - Parts altered by selecting "edit" on an instance should prompt for a
name change, and are saved to the project and optionally also to

 - Selection allows filtering by source tag (making shadowed parts

This would solve the problem where users modify parts from shipped
libraries and cannot save back because they are read-only and would also
ensure that projects contain all parts required (so we don't have to
embed them into the files). We could also display parts in the project
and user libraries more prominently, giving users quick access to parts
they use often.

Would that make sense?


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