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Re: Patch for spice netlist


Seth Hillbrand a écrit :
> Am 2019-03-12 15:21, schrieb BERTRAND Joël:
>> Hello everyone,
>>     I have written a patch for Spice netlist exporter. I spend a lot of
>> time when I want to switch from .AC analysis to .TRAN or .NOISE. This
>> patch allows spice exporter to use different configurations with two new
>> instructions .if and .config.
> Hi Joël-
> Thank you for the patch.  I am not sure I understand the full use case,
> however.  Normally, I would simply have the .ac and .tran lines in two
> separate lines and add/remove the '.' at the beginning to denote which I
> want to run.  I think that ngspice already supports 'ternary_fcn' for an
> if/then/else condition.
> Maybe Holger can weigh in on the pro/cons of adding directives in KiCad?
> -Seth

	Hello Seth,

	It's not only for .ac or .tran directive, but to use .if in control
statement block. That's being said, it is possible to write several
control blocks in differents text blocks.

	Best regards,