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Re: [PATCH 2/3] Fix line endings in pcb_calculator_frame_base.fbp


Hi Wayne,

On 19.03.19 16:06, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:

> I wasn't aware we were converting all wxFormbuilder file line endings to
> unix.

wxFormBuilder did that automatically for me, and I split the conversion
and format upgrade into separate commits so it's more obvious what is
happening. Regenerating this dialog avoids a few deprecation warnings.

I'd also be fine leaving them as-is, but that's an extra step during
commits because there is no mechanism in git to keep the existing
format, the only option is to translate CRLF to LF during checkin.

> I was under the impression that git could handle either without
> creating large change sets due to line ending differences.  Is this the
> only wxFormbuilder file that has dos line endings or just one you ran
> across?  If this the only one, then this is probably not a big deal.  If
> there are a bunch of wxFB files that have dos line endings this could be
> a very large change set without really changing anything.

We have quite many of these files. I'd touch them only when we change
them anyway, and then split the commits up in "rewrite linefeeds",
"upgrade schema" and "actual changes" so git-blame finds the appropriate
commit for each line (so people know that they need "git-blame -w").


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