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[RFC] Removal of bus-bus entries


Hi all,

One of the things I want to clean up in the UX after the bus / connectivity
upgrades I've done are merged is to remove Bus-Bus Entries from the design


1) They aren't actually useful or meaningful (they are just graphical at
this point). If you want to branch off bus wires from each other, just use
junctions like normal wires.

2) They are confusing. I've heard this from several users, because they
look and sound a lot like Bus-Wire Entries, which are useful.

What about old designs?

My proposal is to just remove the tools to allow placement of new Bus-Bus
Entries without removing the underlying code to handle them. Existing
designs would still load and render properly.

In theory we could make some kind of migration to remove them and replace
with direct bus wire connections, but I'm not sure that's necessary.

As long as we do a good job of documenting the way to use busses under the
new system, and update the example schematics accordingly, I think new
users will be set on the right path. We could include a note about this on
the blog / forums to let existing users know (although from what I can
tell, only a small fraction of existing users use them in the first place).

Any concerns with this?


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