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Re: Zone hatch filling patch


Wayne Stambaugh kirjoitti 20.3.2019 klo 20.27:

> thing I did notice was that the hatched zone filling appears to leave
> really small cutouts in some cases (see attached image).  I know there
> is no setting for this but maybe we should use the "Minimum width"
> setting to removed excessively small cutouts as well as copper areas.
> I'm not sure what users are going to expect here but it's something to
> think about.

I would suggest that filled mode is applied whenever there is a partial
hatch opening. Obviously the smarter "correct" mode will result form the
rounding radius, e.g. the 2*radius defines the smallest opening
dimension. Small sharp corners are very bad for processing as they etch
and wash with difficulty. So there will be more ionic contaminants on
the board under the solder mask and possible corrosion and isolation