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Should SCH_COMPONENT::m_convert default to 1?


For context, I've been looking at the issues in this forum thread:

I have already pushed a band-aid fix to "repair" these situations, but it
looks like they are being caused by the EAGLE importer (or at least that is
one path to this situation coming up)

Specifically, it looks like m_convert is set to 0 in SCH_COMPONENT::Init(),
but this value is not valid (it should be at least 1 for components).

Are there any cases that I am missing, where it makes sense for a component
to have m_convert set to 0?  If not, it's an easy fix in that Init() to set
it to 1.  If so, we can just update the SCH_EAGLE_PLUGIN to call
SetConvert() wherever it creates new components.


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