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timestamp_t bit width


Hi all,

Another question from this forum thread:

timestamp_t is defined as "long", with a note that swig can't handle

This means that timestamp_t will be 32-bit on many platforms, but 64-bit on
Linux and MacOS running on 64-bit hardware.  Apparently there is at least
one bug here involving the Eagle importer writing out library files with
64-bit timestamps, which 32-bit KiCad cannot open.

(this is my quick read of the situation, anyway -- please correct me if
I've mis-interpreted anything)

Q1: Is there actually a bug here? maybe someone more familiar with the
Eagle importer can take a look.

Q2: Shouldn't we change the type of timestamp_t to be either "int" (if we
want it to be 32-bit) or "long long" (if we want it to be 64-bit)?

My first thought is that we should change timestamp_t to be 32-bit on all
platforms, but I'm not sure the best way to handle existing files that have
been written out with 64-bit timestamps.


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