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Re: More wxString multi-threading issues


On 03/04/2019 17:42, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> I would be reluctant to get behind this just because of the possibility
> of epic string breakage on lot's of levels.  If there was some way to
> piece meal this transition, it might be more palatable but that may
> prove to be very difficult.
> The need to use threads, is less clear.  It may be far less problematic
> to start the netlist rebuild during idle time and break out of the
> netlist loop use wxApp::Yield() and mark it as incomplete when a user
> event that requires attention is generated.  I know this is somewhat
> less elegant than threads but it does resolve the wxString issue.

How about deriving some sort of "KiString" class from wxString, but with
disabled (private) non-const iterators and other methods that are non
thread-safe (IIRC it was the non-const iterator).

class KiString : public wxString {

	  iterator begin() {};
	  iterator end() {};

This should drop an error if the user attempts to use non-thread-safe
features of wxString...


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