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Re: A neat decision-making scheme



Reminds me of the scoring we used to do code review on Gerrit, with a different threshold. That worked well. 

Is there a minimum time to wait for a -1? If a reviewer didn't see the mail before three +1s, their veto is too late. But if they were checking their mail earlier, the veto would count. Since KiCad is a trans-continental team and core people can be busy in real life, slow mail replies can happen.

And also the etiquette for a "delay until I can review properly" veto. If we want people to be free to exercise that ability in good faith without feeling shy about blocking while they check it out, it should be called out as allowed and encouraged.



On 21 April 2019 20:34:23 BST, Tomasz Wlostowski <tomasz.wlostowski@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>On 21/04/2019 18:08, Jeff Young wrote:
>> In my last few years at Adobe I worked with Day Software in
>Switzerland which we had just acquired.  They did a lot of open-source
>stuff with Apache and had this neat decision-making scheme (which may
>have originated at Apache — I’m unaware of its source):
>> If you need direction on something, you send an email to the list. 
>(This part is no different than what we do today.)
>> If someone agrees, they reply with “+1”.
>> If someone wants to halt progress until either some discussion is had
>or until another direction is chosen they veto with a “-1”.
>> When you accumulate three +1s and are clear of -1s you’re good to go.
>> If you do get one or more -1s you’re blocked until those folks change
>their input to either a “+0” or a “+1”.
>> If you haven’t yet reached three +1s after a time-out period (I think
>we used a week but it might have been two), but you are clear of -1s,
>you can send a message to the list indicating a default-consensus and
>go ahead and implement it.
>> Might this be useful for us?
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