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Best practice for multi-gate symbols ? (74LVC2G14 has hidden pins)


While converting some older project to current libraries, I noticed
that the 74LVC2G14 (a dual Schmitt-Trigger inverter) comes with hidden
power pins.

I have not followed the discussions w.r.t. hidden power pins, but it
seems like they are generally discouraged these days (KLC S4.6), which
is good as it does not reflect the reality of many different power
rails in modern circuits.

In other multi-gate symbols I've noticed there is these days on extra
'unit' that essentially contains the power pins; is this the
recommended way these days ? And if so, is someone working on this, or
should I prepare a pull request for 74LVC2G14 ?

Is there a mailing list specifically for library discussions, or is
this the right place ?


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