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eeschema bom plugins



Today I tried to create a BOM from eeschema using a plugin command line that had been
working for about 8 years.  I need information on this new interface.  Either it is broken
or I am missing the intended set of goals and intentions.  So documentation on the latter
would be nice.  Otherwise I am leaning towards the conclusion that this is fully broken.

Coming from an older version, I have a file


In there is a keyword "bom_plugins".

The new parser is not parsing the old string, the symptom of that is that the plugin's
m_name comes up blank.  Fine, another path forward is to blow away the entire value of
that bom_plugins keyword and start over.  I tried that, and the user interface is fully
non-intuitive and I simply could not find my way through that simple dialog.

So I am stuck.

Here is my old bom_plugins string, which as I said did not parse, I stepped through it
with the debugger and the m_name field on the first Grouped_By_Value came up empty,
because now it thinks the PLUGINs constructor takes a filename.  The user manual is fully
empty on this new interface.


Here is the value of the config file, shown on multiple lines, although in the config file
mentioned above it is on a single line.

    (plugin Grouped_By_Value
(cmd "/usr/bin/python  /i/pcbs/bom_scripts/bom_csv_grouped_by_value.py  \\"%I\\"
    (plugin "Debug Plugins" (cmd "/bin/sh -c 'echo \\"%I\\"  \\"%B %O %P\\" >

Would be nice to generate a BOM, could do it for the last 12 years, cannot now.

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