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Re: eemodern branch


Le 29/04/2019 à 19:28, Kevin Cozens a écrit :
> On 2019-04-29 1:13 p.m., Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
>> On 4/29/19 12:56 PM, Andy Peters wrote:
>>> (And now the nattering nabobs of negativity on the EEVBlog forum will
>>> have one less thing about which to complain.)
>> I'm not holding my breath on that.
> Naw... they will just find something else to complain about.
> Being able to easily copy/paste between schematics will be a very
> welcome feature. Not too long ago I was telling someone on IRC how to do
> it using eeschema by running it separately from the top level KiCad
> program.

Many users are thinking they can copy between schematics like they can
copy between texts.

Of course, copy/paste between schematics is certainly welcome but is
also certainly a not easy task:
A schematic is a set of basic draw items (lines, texts ...) associated
with symbols.
But each schematic can have its own symbol libraries.
Therefore copying between schematics can give very strange results,
especially if both schematics use a local library named something like
"project_library" but these local libraries are in fact not similar.

Just think about the same multi-part symbol found in each local library,
but in fact differs between libs, for instance by the part unit identifier.

Good luck to the guy who will write the code.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS