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Re: eeschema bom plugins


Thanks Jeff and JP!

I really appreciate your time, both of you had to dig into the config file.

I generated a BOM!

The problem with the dialog is that it uses terms without defining them.  Like, in the
purest sense, what is a bom plugin?

We are running an external program.  This is not really a plugin, since I can run any
external program.  "Bom builder" would make more UI sense.

Then, why is the interpreted data that I am feeing to a python interpreter the "plugin",
rather than python itself?  The *.py is consumed by python.  What if my bom builder was
written in C++, then why do you want to "parse" this as your plugin, just to throw a few
lines of text up in a dialog.  I am not a fan of this design.  The comments that the
(plugin header parser) ends up gleaning could have been added to the config file as fields
in the plugin records.

BTW, when do we get tooltips in wxWidgets on Linux?  Simple things like a few tooltips
would have made this email exchange unnecessary. Obviously I have used software before, so
when even I cannot use a dialog because of lack of clarity purpose, I'd say its not a
shiny dialog.

There's some feedback, if any one cares.

Again, thank you very much for your time.


On 4/29/19 6:38 AM, jp charras wrote:
>> Would be nice to generate a BOM, could do it for the last 12 years, cannot now.
> Hi Dick,
> I do not remember when and why the config file has changed, but I do not
> have any issue to recreate the command line from the dialog (just tested
> on Linux 14.04 and 16.04).
> This is fast.
> Attached the line in eeschema config file I created by the latest
> Eeschema version for sample.
> I am guessing the easier way to fix your issue is to delete old plugins
> config lines and recreate them.