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Re: eemodern merge request


Am 2019-05-03 16:08, schrieb Jeff Young:
Hi Seth,

Thanks for the feedback!

- Right-click inside a subsheet should have exit sub sheet as the first option

Really?  This sort of presumes the most likely thing to do after
entering a sheet is to leave it again.  (It is in the menu, just
further down.)

Maybe I'm just used to the old option, but yes, when I'm using a hierarchical project, the most likely action I take in a sub sheet is exiting it. Usually this is because I'm moving around the schematic to figure out where some element is or wiring up the sheet and trying to remember the internal connections.

Actions like Start Wire and Start Bus are hotkeys, so I use keystrokes and not context menu. Start wire may make sense for the context menu when clicking on a wire end or pin but I can't think of a reason to ever start a wire in the empty schematic area.

- Rotate happens around an unknown point when you are rotating a group of elements. Single element seems normal.

It’s the centre of the group.  Should it be something different?

I'm attaching a video of what happens on Linux. But this doesn't always happen. If I get a big group selected, it appears to be closer to the center.


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