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Re: [PATCH] Replace remaining Boost Mutexes with std::mutex


Am 2019-05-03 14:04, schrieb Ian McInerney:
This patch series removes the last uses of MUTEX and MUTLOCK from the
code base, so now everything is using std::mutex and std::lock_guard
instead of the Boost provided classes. I have also removed the
ki_mutex.h header file since this is no longer needed (and found an
extraneous inclusion in the process).

This was made against the master branch. It appears the kicad_curl.cpp
file has diverged due to openssl changes between 5.1 and master, which
makes this not apply cleanly to 5.1.

This looks good Ian. I had been meaning to get around to this but you beat me to it! Nice work. Thank you for your contribution!

I don't think we need to push this to 5.1 but it's nice to have in master.


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