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Re: kicad_pcb, kicad_mod format change for daily build?


On 2019-04-21 12:46 p.m., Jeff Young wrote:
KiCad will read them in either way (quoted or un-quoted).

KiCad has always written them out with quotes if they had spaces in them (so other tools have always needed to handle quotes).

We????????re just being more consistent now as there????????s no justification for ???????saving a few characters??????? in this day and age (and going forward it will make things easier).
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Thanks for the reply, Jeff. I'll check whether my Perl scripts include the quotes. I'm also going to bump the file format version I'm outputting to the files I generate and hope there aren't any undocumented changes that will give KiCad a problem when it tries to read the schematic and/or library file.



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