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A consistent name for the Aux Origin?


I just posted this in the KiCad "Software" forum for comment, but ultimately this is a dev question. 

In Pcbnew, you can place what is known internally as the “Aux Origin”. Thus far the only use for this has been to set the origin for generating Gerber files. The user interface doesn’t name this point consistently: 

    * The Pcbnew docs call this the “auxillary origin”, and describes setting the “coordinates origin” 
    * The toolbar icon tooltip calls it the “auxillary axis origin” 
    * The “Generate Drill Files” dialog calls it the “auxillary axis” 
    * The “Place” menu calls it the “Drill and Place Offset” 
    * The “Move Item” dialog calls it the “Drill/Place Origin” 
    * The (new, unmerged) v6 preferences dialog currently calls it the “Aux Origin” 

With the changes in Pcbnew for v6, we’ll be able to make this the origin for displayed coordinates when doing layout. “Drill and Place” doesn’t seem like a good description for this point. 

I’d lean toward calling it the “Coordinate Origin” everywhere, except for one thing: the v6 preferences dialog allows the user to choose the origin for displayed coordinates as one of the Page Origin, the Aux Origin, or the Grid Origin. 

Suggestions? Thoughts? 

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