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[RFC] Test for Copper zones using solid polygons without outline thickness.


Attached a patch that modify the way filled areas (solid polygons) are
built in copper areas.

Currently, solid polygons are slightly smaller than the exact area, and
the polygon outlines have a thickness to fill the exact area.
With this patch, polygon outlines have no thickness and the polygons
have the exact area.

To test it on a given zone, the zone setting must be edited with the
"Fill polys without thick outline" checked.

(If checked, the file will be no longer readable by "old" pcbnew versions)


Could you test it with the large 32 layers boards that create drawing
time issue?
(You will have to edit each large copper zone)


Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

Attachment: 0001-Add-option-for-zones-filled-polygons-without-thick-outline.zip
Description: Zip compressed data

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