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Re: [RFC] Test for Copper zones using solid polygons without outline thickness.


On 29/05/2019 16:33, jp charras wrote:
> Attached a patch that modify the way filled areas (solid polygons) are
> built in copper areas.
> Currently, solid polygons are slightly smaller than the exact area, and
> the polygon outlines have a thickness to fill the exact area.
> With this patch, polygon outlines have no thickness and the polygons
> have the exact area.
> To test it on a given zone, the zone setting must be edited with the
> "Fill polys without thick outline" checked.
> (If checked, the file will be no longer readable by "old" pcbnew versions)
> Tom,
> Could you test it with the large 32 layers boards that create drawing
> time issue?
> (You will have to edit each large copper zone)

Hi JP,

Thanks for the patch, I'll give it a try in the evening.