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please help translators...


Dear devs,
please help (if this is possible) translators to make translatable
strings more meaningful.


#: eeschema/sch_line.cpp:629
#, c-format
msgid "%s Wire from (%s, %s) to (%s, %s)"

Il Italian, without any help, that would be translated in this way:
msgstr "%s Filo da (%s, %s) a (%s, %s)"

that ends up in something like this:

"Verticale Filo da ... a ..."

which, in Italian is horrible.

The right translation is:

msgid "Filo %s da (%s, %s) a (%s, %s)"

Without any comment in the code it is difficult to translate that string
in a meaningful and/or correct way until you try to use it and find the
results, that is not always possible, pratical.

_I really do not know if this is possile_, depends on the level of
support that wxwidgets has to the gettext format and commands but, _if_
it is possible, where it is possible, please add comments to the
translatable strings to help translators!



Marco Ciampa

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