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Re: please help translators...


вт, 4 июн. 2019 г. в 12:59, Marco Ciampa <ciampix@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> ...

Il Italian, without any help, that would be translated in this way:
> msgstr "%s Filo da (%s, %s) a (%s, %s)"
> that ends up in something like this:
> "Verticale Filo da ... a ..."
> which, in Italian is horrible.
> The right translation is:
> msgid "Filo %s da (%s, %s) a (%s, %s)"
> ...

Hi Marco!
You actually can translate this string as you have mentioned in the last
(the right) example.
You cannot change the order of "%s" in a string but you can surround them
with a text that you want.