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CMake KICAD_SCRIPTING Options Hierarchy


I was just noticing based on a post on the kicad forums that the CMake
script will forcefully enable KICAD_SCRIPTING if either
means to really disable scripting the user has to explicitly force all 3 to
off (since they are all on by default). Is there are reason for making
those two options take priority over the overall scripting support option
instead of having KICAD_SCRIPTING take priority and disable those two when
it is disabled? It seems more intuitive if KICAD_SCRIPTING has overall
control of the scripting environment, and the others are dependent upon it.

This hierarchy is not actually mentioned in any of the build docs here
the docs seem to be slightly out of date also, since they say
KICAD_SCRIPTING_ACTION_MENU defaults to off when it is actually on by
default), so if nothing else it would be good to mention it in the build
docs so people who really don't want scripting know to disable all 3.


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