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Re: CMake KICAD_SCRIPTING Options Hierarchy


On 6/5/19 1:14 PM, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
> On 2019-06-05 13:03, Ian McInerney wrote:
>> I was just noticing based on a post on the kicad forums that the CMake
>> script will forcefully enable KICAD_SCRIPTING if either
>> This means to really disable scripting the user has to explicitly
>> force all 3 to off (since they are all on by default). Is there are
>> reason for making those two options take priority over the overall
>> scripting support option instead of having KICAD_SCRIPTING take
>> priority and disable those two when it is disabled? It seems more
>> intuitive if KICAD_SCRIPTING has overall control of the scripting
>> environment, and the others are dependent upon it.
> I'd be in favor of collapsing all scripting into a single option. 
> Anyone feel like that might cause issues?
> -Seth

Some users may prefer scripting support without the modules and/or the
scripting actions menu.  It was split up this way for more granular
control over what gets installed.  I'm not opposed to unifying this but
others may feel differently.  Honestly, I would rather users stick to
using nightly builds rather than build KiCad themselves.  Developers are
expected to learn how the KiCad configuration works.