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Re: Patch set: Display Origin Transforms rebase


On 2019-06-09 10:29, Reece R. Pollack wrote:
Sorry about the delay in responding. I've been traveling.

I don't believe overloading the base instance of GetMsgPanelInfo() and
GetSelectMenuText() will achieve the desired goal. Overloading
functions works great when the _caller_ wants to choose between
variants of a function. In this case, though, the call is being made
via a pointer to a EDA_ITEM (in EDA_DRAW_FRAME::SetMsgPanel(),
currently at common/legacy_gal/eda_draw_frame.cpp:582). The caller has
no knowledge of whether the object requires the third parameter or
not. Since EDA_DRAW_FRAME is common to all applications, it's an all
or none situation.

Hi Reece-

The calls toe SetMsgPanel() come from the application. You can use a default parameter here (and in UpdateMsgPanel()) to avoid touching the non-pcbnew applications with the patchset.