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Re: PATCH pcbnew half-rotate actions and shortcuts


On 2019-06-10 6:35 p.m., Andrew Lutsenko wrote:
I like to keep rotation angle set to 90 because that covers 98% of cases and is it's faster to press R two or three times instead of 4 or 6 times (I frequently go the wrong way around since unfortunately R in pcbnew rotates ccw and R in eeschema rotates cw, that is something that should be made consistent).

Hm... I can't say I had really noticed that the rotation directions are opposite between the two. After a quick test I noticed that you can rotate something in the default direction but if you go too far you have to hit R more times to "back up".

It would be useful to have R to do rotations in one direction and either Ctrl+R or Shift+R to do rotations in the other.



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