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Re: Ratsnest options


On 2019-06-12 22:50, Jon Evans wrote:
I like that set of options. It fits in to my plan of absorbing as much
as possible from the left toolbar into the layer widget as part of my
overhaul of that part of the UI.
I also think it would be totally fine to have it *only* in the layer
widget, because we don't duplicate the other object visibility
controls in Preferences.

I like this even better. Single location, placed with all view options. Anyone have objections to this idea?

The "Show ratsnest with curved lines" checkbox fits in to Preferences
(and not the left toolbar) in my mind, because it seems like a "set
and forget" kind of setting, not one that I would toggle on and off
all the time while I'm working on a board (but maybe others

I tend to agree with this as well. I've placed it in the preferences for now and I think removing it from the View menu and the left toolbar is a good idea. Any objections to this idea?


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