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On 6/22/19 3:09 AM, Greg Smith wrote:
Adding two points and dividing by two results in a point that is minimally equidistant from both points (I.e. The midpoint of the line formed by the points).

While it is true that you can add two point coordinates and multiply by scalar 0.5 to get the midpoint, this is not true in the general case for arbitrary scalar multipliers. However, calculating the vector distance between two points, multiplying the vector by a scalar, then adding the resulting vector distance to the first point /does/ work in the general case.

This is exactly the sort of bug that can be avoided by not allowing arbitrary operations on random vectors.

If finding the midpoint between two points proves to be a common operation, and is found to be too costly to implement in the general fashion, then a special method for determining the midpoint can be provided that calculates it in the optimal fashion.

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