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Re: How often do we want to auto-fill zones?


On 2019-07-05 07:46, Jeff Young wrote:
1) If I move a footprint which is over a zone, the zone fill becomes stale.

2) If I move a zone which has footprints over it, the zone is re-filled.

3) If I edit the points of a zone and then de-select it, the zone is re-filled.

Item (2) turns out to be a side effect of the PointEditor getting
activated when the zone is selected for the move, and then refilling
the zone when it is unselected.

Do we want to keep that, or should I make it consistent with (1)?

(Making it consistent will fix Wayne's crash, but I think I can find
other ways of fixing it if we want to keep the behaviour.)

Wow, is that what that crash was? Nice sleuthing there! Point editor is going to be the death of us. :)

Since we refill zones after they become stale internally, I think we should be consistent and refill in case (1) also. But this has some nasty side effects when working in boards with extended fill times. For 5.1, I'd vote for leaving behavior as-is and adding a preference setting for auto-refill stale zones in v6. Then that can control all refills including (1) as well as dragging a track over a filled zone area.


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