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Re: How often do we want to auto-fill zones?


On 7/5/19 11:50 AM, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
> On 2019-07-05 07:46, Jeff Young wrote:
>> 1) If I move a footprint which is over a zone, the zone fill becomes
>> stale.
>> 2) If I move a zone which has footprints over it, the zone is re-filled.
>> 3) If I edit the points of a zone and then de-select it, the zone is
>> re-filled.
>> Item (2) turns out to be a side effect of the PointEditor getting
>> activated when the zone is selected for the move, and then refilling
>> the zone when it is unselected.
>> Do we want to keep that, or should I make it consistent with (1)?
>> (Making it consistent will fix Wayne's crash, but I think I can find
>> other ways of fixing it if we want to keep the behaviour.)
> Wow, is that what that crash was?  Nice sleuthing there!  Point editor
> is going to be the death of us. :)
> Since we refill zones after they become stale internally, I think we
> should be consistent and refill in case (1) also.  But this has some
> nasty side effects when working in boards with extended fill times.  For
> 5.1, I'd vote for leaving behavior as-is and adding a preference setting
> for auto-refill stale zones in v6.  Then that can control all refills
> including (1) as well as dragging a track over a filled zone area.
> -Seth

I concur.  We should definitely make zone auto filling optional.  For
complex boards the refill cost can be painful.


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