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wxWidgets Version & wxPhoenix


Wayne's comment about the wxWidgets version required for the patch reporter
reminded me about something I had read earlier about wxPython, specifically
wxPhoenix will be switching to wxWidgets 3.1.x as its backend (see here
https://github.com/wxWidgets/Phoenix/blob/master/CHANGES.rst) in its next
release (which will be 4.1.0). Since KiCad requires at least the same
version of wxWidgets as the wxPython plugin, any building with wxPhoenix
4.1.0, when it is released, would effectively force KiCad onto the
wxWidgets 3.1.x development version.

The only uncertainity in this is whether distros will actually adopt the
4.1.0 release, and if so how long will it take.

I am not certain if there would be any problems building KiCad against a
wxPhoenix 4.1.0 release, but older plugins may have issues due to the
removal of the deprecated functions as time goes on. No release date seems
to have been set, but it is something to watch out for when it happens.