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Re: Thermal spoke count


ma 8. heinäk. 2019 klo 19.04 Evan Shultz (evan.shultz@xxxxxxxxx) kirjoitti:

> Because of varying pad shapes, sometimes "+" spokes are best and other
> times "x" may be preferred. So having a choice of those options, even
> though both have the same number of thermal spokes, may be desirable. I
> believe this is captured in the "initial angle" concept, but IMO having the
> choice of "+", "x", "8 way", and "solid" is more obvious that picking an
> initial angle. But perhaps I misunderstood.

What I have felt need for is automatically finding locations for spokes so
that when a pad isn't fully surrounded by a zone it would still be
connected with 4 (or as many as possible) spokes. Sometimes changing the
direction between x and + would be enough, sometimes adding spokes from x
to spokes of +. For example N(orth), NW, W, SW instead of just N and W.
Because adding spokes is automatic anyways, exact positioning isn't
important. There should be as much copper as possible (and preferably in
many directions) while still having the thermal effect. Even the
thicknesses of the individual spokes could be calculated automatically to
meet the requirements. What counts is the total width of all the spokes
together, or am I wrong?

Eeli Kaikkonen

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