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Re: Strange program version numbering in KiCad


On 7/8/19 10:41 PM, Reece R. Pollack wrote:
> On 7/8/19 10:36 PM, Kevin Cozens wrote:
>> On 2019-07-08 5:10 p.m., Dino Ghilardi wrote:
>>> think about the linux kernel versioning number scheme: even subversion
>>> number means stable release. Odd subversion number means
>>> experimental/development branch.
>> The kernel used to follow the odd/even numbering scheme but they stopped doing that during the 2 series of kernels. It is possible they are doing it again. I haven't looked at kernel release numbering in quite a few years.
> No. That was abandoned years ago, after the release of 2.6, in favor of a stream of smaller, incremental steps rather than periodic huge jumps that took years to be adopted. The 3.0 release could easily have been numbered 2.6.40, being only an incremental change over 2.6.39.

I'd vote for the .99 approach, assuming I get a vote. :-)


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