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Re: [PATCH v2 0/8] MSVC Build


Hi Wayne,

> I have to apply the patches, build, and test.  I should be able to get
> to it over the weekend.  My only comment is on patch #1.  I would have
> preferred that we implemented the missing boost pointer container object
> clone methods rather the work around.  As a temporary fix I could live
> with this but it just feels wrong to me.

I'm not even sure it is wrong -- if I understood the problem correctly,
we'd do a deep clone of a container containing objects, and then throw away
the original, so we could just return the original instead.

>  Everything else seems pretty
> straight forward.  I definitely want to get some testing due to the
> changes to make sure nothing is broken before we cherry pick this to the
> 5.1 branch.

I haven't tested this on 5.1 yet, because I was expecting this to go into
master only.


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