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Re: 5.1.3 release


On 8/2/19 3:05 PM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> Looks like we will be forgoing a 5.1.3 release and jumping to 5.1.4.
> This bug is a definite show stopper.  We need to do a better job of
> testing fixes before we merge them into the 5.1 branch.  Maybe we need
> to start doing release candidates on the stable branch before releasing
> buggy bug fixes?  For those packagers who are providing 5.1.3 for
> distos, I would avoid releasing it.

I'm attempting to stop 5.1.3 from moving into Fedora.  I may need a Fedora admin to grant me additional privileges to do so, since the build has already entered the package queue.

I'll wait for 5.1.4 to be tagged and then I'll start up a new build.

As to Wayne having to delay his announcement because of insufficient Fedora karma, I'll request that people on this list test and give karma for future builds.  Just three positive votes will be sufficient to expedite release.

As to the discussion from https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1838448 I've now had two folks working for RedHat advise me not to circumvent the _GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS, because of security concerns related to buffer overflows.  So I think in the interest of safety, I need to leave those asserts in place.


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