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Re: 5.1.5 RC?



On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 4:27 AM Adam Wolf <adamwolf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Jonathan, I hear you.  I rolled back to ngspice-26 for the 5.1.4
> release, and I think it probably makes sense to roll back to
> ngspice-26 for 5.1.5 as well.

Are you saying you meant to roll back in the official 5.1.4 release,
or that you did it locally for yourself? I downloaded and installed
the official 5.1.4 release for macOS, and it was bundled with
ngspice-30, not 26.

> I am not really comfortable with the state of this situation.  We're
> running nightlies with 30, and release with 26, but how long until
> there's a bug caused by rolling back for stable releases that we never
> see since all the nightlies are on ngspice-30?
> Do I simply need to make another set of builds with ngspice-30 and a
> set with ngspice-26?  Is this fine? Maybe? Am I overthinking this?

Why include ngspice-30 if it's broken? I don't know if the bug is in
ngspice or KiCad, but as long as it's not fixed there's no reason to
use ngspice-30 since it's unusable for macOS users, IMHO.


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