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Re: [RFC] Symbols and Pin mapping in v6 - Proposal


Sorry the URL was mangled, here it is:


---- On Thu, 12 Sep 2019 12:30:26 +0800  ----

Hi Developers,

Requesting your attention to a proposal and discussion in the KiCad User Forum. The topic is symbols and pin mapping (for v6) as they relate to the data model.

I took up a suggestion (by Rene Poeschl) to detail my proposal with diagrams, and have prepared some slides, which is at:

    https://gitel84.github.io/pdfs/kicad_syms_proposal.pdf    ; (PDF format)

The background references are at the end.

(I feared being unable to respond in a timely manner to potential questions which may arise in the course of discussions in the developers' list. Therefore, I have chosen to put more detail into the slides wherever possible. Hopefully that helps. The detail may be excessive for some readers though. If so please bear with me).

I hope KiCad developers find this worth looking at for v6.

Thanks for all the great work!


I have been a happy user of KiCad for barely over a year now. KiCad to me is a very nice and open tool with nice features, has no lock-in, has an active community of users and is progressing in a good direction.

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